My Child & Me is a unique course targeting women who are experiencing abuse from their children. Whereas most statutory resources & interventions focus on the child, this 5 week course is there to support the parents who are victim to abuse.

Over 5 weeks the course aims to break down the shame, embarrassment & guilt often felt by mother’s experiencing child-on-parent abuse, by explaining why their child may be behaving as they are, exploring the role of the parent and the 2 way relationship, how mirroring behaviour and former witnessed abuse may have affect, and how to manage both their and their child’s emotions, anger and behaviour.

With suggestions to better their child-parent relationship, safety plans where needed, and ultimately support for women to feel they are not alone in this often undisclosed issue, My Child & Me is critical for Mother’s who are suffering at the hands of their child.

Referral Information

Women can attend this course by booking on through admin or if they have a probation officer who feels this course would benefit their rehabilitation they may encourage them to attend.

Women can book through the admin email, [email protected] or ring the telephone number 01244906494

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