At SHEWISE we are passionate about taking an integrative approach to Mental Wellbeing. It affects us all and it affects everything we do. Our approach is to offer Advice, signposting and a non-judgemental space to take a first step. You can call, email or drop in. We also run workshops to understand what wellbeing is, what gets in the way and what helps. We provide opportunities to help you connect, learn, move, express and create.

Referral Information

Women can access our services through self-referral, agency-referral or through the Drop-in sessions at Holy Trinity Church Hounslow, on Mondays from 10:30 – 12:30.

Referrals Offered:

  • This service does not offer Booking referrals
  • This service offers Drop-in referrals
  • This service does not offer Electronic referrals
  • This service does not offer Other – See referral information referrals