Get support with:

– 1-2-1 debt. 

– Welfare.

– Benefits. 

– Universal Credit. 

– ESA – Employment & Support Allowance. 

– PIP – Personnel Independent Payment.

– Housing – options, local Councils and Housing options, Housing Associations, severance of joint tenancy, emergency housing under domestic abuse rules, housing arrears and payment plans, private letting agencies – challenging housing payments/deposit bonds, housing benefit department and help with application to Housing discretion fund.  

– Finance – working Tax/Child Tax Credits, client entitlement, returning to work, applications to WFTC or CTC, overpayments and challenging decisions.  

– Grants – applies for these on behalf of client for things like furniture, carpets and amenities.  

– Debts – debt management, debt recovery, contacting National Debt recovery agency, payment plans, income and expenditure forms and signposting.  

– Solicitors – legal aid forms.  

– Immigration – divorce/court forms, debt/credit cards and interest payment plans, tax forms. 

– Pension – forecast and entitlement.  

– Employment law.

Referral Information

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Referrals Offered:

  • This service does not offer Booking referrals
  • This service does not offer Drop-in referrals
  • This service does not offer Electronic referrals
  • This service offers Other – See referral information referrals