Support for new mothers and their babies

Support and a sense of community are vital during early motherhood. Some women facing many challenges will prefer to come to a group that is designed to meet their needs with other mothers in similar situations.

Our weekly group in north London provides a space for mums and babies to come together and support each other in a relaxed and friendly way. Pregnant women are also welcome. Every week we do a different activity to learn new things and have fun, including:
-Baby massage
-Relaxation techniques
-Arts and crafts activities
-First aid
-Group discussions

At the group women can also get practical items such as toys and clothes for their babies, get referred to organisations to help with issues like housing and immigration, and learn about other services and resources for mothers and babies.

In addition, our Postnatal Services team provides remote support to women who cannot attend the group. This can include practical, emotional, information and advocacy support via phone, text, email and through volunteer visits.

Referral Information

For more information about our Community Postnatal Service, please contact [email protected] or visit Community postnatal support | Birth Companions

Referrals Offered:

  • This service does not offer Booking referrals
  • This service does not offer Drop-in referrals
  • This service offers Electronic referrals
  • This service does not offer Other – See referral information referrals