Individual support for women in London including birth support

Preparing for the birth of a new baby without the support of family and friends, or the resources to get essential practical items can be really hard. During pregnancy we can visit a woman at home or meet in a place of her choice. We can help her to set out her birth choices and explain to hospital staff what she would like to happen during her labour. We work with an amazing organisation called PramDepot and together we can also provide women with a full range of maternity and baby items so they are prepared when the baby arrives.

Some women face giving birth without a birth supporter. If a woman will be alone when giving birth, we can arrange for our volunteers to be with her at the hospital throughout the labour. Our birth companions give emotional and practical support, and advocate for women with hospital staff and other professionals. Volunteers can continue to visit until the woman is discharged, providing crucial support as she starts to parent her new baby.

After the birth we can continue visiting women at home, providing advice and reassurance through the early weeks and months. We can help the mother find out what’s available in her local area for her and her baby and she may be able attend our own mother and baby group.

Support for women who have separated from a baby is an important part of our work in the community. As well as offering emotional support through this incredibly difficult time, we can help women who wish to express their breastmilk for their baby and link them in to other specialist services.

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