Changing Me is a 6 week, in-house delivered course to inform women who have perpetrator traits and behaviours to help alter their behaviour for the better, to steer them away from crime.

The course, utilising varied teaching methods including roll play and visual learning, encourages women to identify their own negative behaviours, healthy and unhealthy emotions, and personal triggers to recognise the impacts of their behaviours. Taking accountability of their own behaviour is a key message within Changing Me and is the catalyst to making positive, permanent changes as well as identifying their strengths to boost self esteem and positive self image.

Women complete this group with the tools to make better behavioural choices, affirmations for more positive behaviour and in turn, positive outcomes, with the prospect of a brighter future away from crime.

Referral Information

To attend this course a woman needs to be referred in by a probation officer.

Referrals Offered:

  • This service offers Booking referrals
  • This service does not offer Drop-in referrals
  • This service does not offer Electronic referrals
  • This service does not offer Other – See referral information referrals