Alcohol and Me is a 5 week alcohol awareness programme to help women who may have concerns about their drinking habits to understand their relationship with alcohol and learn how to manage their consumption.

It takes women through the different types of alcohol drinking to recognise whether they have, or may be developing, an alcohol problem. This course encourages women to be more aware of their drinking habits and make conscious changes, through teaching the risks of alcohol, both internal and external risks, and combining this with a plan to action the changes that are necessary.

Alcohol & Me, through raising awareness, enables women to take a more critical look at their own drinking habits and provides the tools to manage it in a preventative rather than reactive

Referral Information

A woman can attend this by booking on through admin or if they have a probation officer, the officer may encourage a woman to attend this course if they feel it will benefit their rehabilitation.

Booking through admin can be completed via email at [email protected] or by telephone 01244906494.

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