JOY works closely with the DAWN Project a sister project of Worcester Community Trust. DAWN work directly with women who are currently in domestic abuse situations.  JOY supports women who have left abusive relationships and offers women support and courses to re-empower, raise resilience and provide tools and practical courses and signposting to support living independently. JOY courses include DIY, Mindfulness, Becoming Self, Moodmasters, Writing courses, Drama, Cooking on a budget and many others.  We also work with partners to support benefit, energy and welfare, wellbeing job coaching and offer opportunities to volunteer and skills and training signposting, along with many other activities to raise self esteem and confidence.

Referral Information

Please use links below to self refer or for a professional to refer into the project

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Referrals Offered:

  • This service does not offer Booking referrals
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  • This service does not offer Electronic referrals
  • This service offers Other – See referral information referrals