SHEWISE supports the educational, economic, and social development of minority ethnic women and young girls experiencing multiple disadvantages of mental health, domestic abuse, skills development, employability and those affected by the criminal justice system. The organisation’s programmes and services provide bilingual and culturally appropriate support to enable and assist women to build positive self-identity and make positive change in their lives.

We provide a range of community services and programmes to support vulnerable, marginalized women experiencing multiple social and economic disadvantages. Our aim is to help women on their journey to heal from past trauma and build their lives to become financially independent and live a life of dignity without violence and suppression.We offer safe haven services and multi-level programs that are culturally sensitive, personal and understandable to ethnic women and girls.

Our holistic model of empowerment focuses on building new responses to experiences and relationships, helping women to move away from fear, trauma, isolation, loneliness and alienation that leads them to shame, guilt, and lack of self-worth. We provide knowledge and expertise to help them experience connection, belonging, grounding, freedom and expansion, and we enable them to realise and activate their innate ability to be the primary agency in their life. We develop their interpersonal, employability and entrepreneurial skills,  building their confidence and ability to strengthen their will power to practice creating new ideas and actions with values of wellness, self-care and internal freedom enabling them to pursue their goals to live a life of wellness and financial independence.

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Women can access our services through self-referral, agency-referral or through the Drop-in sessions at Holy Trinity Church Hounslow, on Mondays from 10:30 – 12:30.

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