Our mission is to provide a specialist response to domestic abuse and violence against women and girls; empower victims to be in control of their own future and create everlasting change.

PWA provides safe and stable refuge accommodation for women and children fleeing high risk domestic abuse, potentially at risk of homicide.  Our refuge in Peterborough accommodates up to 8 women and their families.  In 2022 PWA supported 31 women and 50 children at the refuge, however referrals into the service were much higher.

In the Community PWA has a number of specialist services.  In 2022 we supported 585 victims of domestic abuse.

This year PWA became the first specialist service to support male victims of domestic abuse and launched the B-United project.  This project is about raising awareness that men can be victims too and often face barriers or embarrassment when accessing support.   PWA offers practical and emotional support to male victims.

PWA has a Lithuanian Service and Polish service supporting women from these communities in their language.  We offer support with translation, safety planning, housing, court appearances and any other support the families need.

The Dhalia Project support female victims of abuse from the South Asian Community.  This is an innovative project focusing on the barriers women from this community face.    This project offers support in various languages and training for professionals in Peterborough.


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To make a referral please e-mail [email protected] or call 01733 894964.

Alternatively, referrals can be made through our contact us page on our website.

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